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Not Bad.

Some of it was kind of boring. There were only a couple I liked. And only a few that were decent I would say. But since it was only worked on within 24 hours, it was ok.


I found that really amusing. Thanks for entertaining me for like 4 minuets. The part with Tails was funny, and the part with Knuckles. Who did Tails voice? I need a new voice actor. This really was unexpected though - I thought it would be the usual sonic stuff but this was better. Your animation is pretty good.

Not bad

Could use some more practice. But overall your ideas are good- and for some reason the ending made me laugh. Practice some more sonic drawing- what helps me is drawing in my sketch book before I draw on the computer. Your Frame by frame is good though- better then I could do :)

Yay your on newgrounds :)

Finally you decided to post on newgrounds. I told you , you would do great here. Good job I love your stuff from watching it on deviant art. I wish I had the guts to start animating again but it will probably be the same old stuff.

Anyway good luck here I see you have some really good scores.


Dies and goes to heaven. lol, YAY he's back. The best sonic animator on newgrounds. :P I can't wait to see this.


I hope the end of the world isn't in 2012. That's only 8 years from now. Anyway I don't mind violence when there's a reason for it. The animation made it feel like a real movie.

Ragnarok2k3 responds:

its actually 6years from now :b but, im glad you liked it, We want it to me more than a flash animation, and im glad it gave you a movie feel

Oh please

This is old lame and wrong. It's all a scam like all those sites out there for habbo hotel. The only way to get credits is to buy them. And it is a waist of money because IT IS NOT REAL.

Eh there was a story

That was cool. Please make a full length one. According to me there was a story sort of. Heh.


Ok..... Only shadow can use chaos control oi.


Now I wish I read the review before I watched it. Disappointed that theres no real movie coming lol. That was really good animation, the voice acting was perfect.

Hey fellow Newgrounders! I am currently in second year of a Graphic Design program. I am slowly improving and some day I will make it. I have learned what criticism is all about and when I get some I take it and use it.

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